Top 10 Highest Paying NFT Games In 2022

Top 10 Highest Paying NFT Games In 2022

NFT Games has taken over the online video gaming world over the last two years. Mainly, Play to Earn games became the buzzing word in the mouth of every video game enthusiast the previous summer, sparking a still-continuing NFT gaming.

However, the scene has been quite bearish over the last few months. Many games suffer from unstable in-game token economies, and gameplay is entirely off the mark from traditional-based video games.

As the boom continues, many nft game developers have emerged to take advantage of the flowing juice. Consequently, the competition increases, motivating ambitious game developers to make their offers more attractive. Presently, gamers are looking for NFT games that can easily earn money and other in-game rewards. 

Now consider the above explanation as a guide. If you want to start playing the best NFT games to earn money, you’d better make the best choice. There are several top NfT games in the present market with numerous promises of playing to gather in-game tokens. 

You also need to learn how NFT games work to be able to acquire in-game assets as much as possible. If you want to earn good money playing NFT games, you must avoid free NFT games. Indeed, if you mean business, you must invest time and money. 

Axie Infinity

Since developers are enticing players to play NFT games with juicy offers, you can get the best NFT game to double your income. Play to earn games can be more than a side hustle. Gamers in several developing countries have quitted their formal jobs to resume playing games to earn in-game NFTs.

Of course, a few popular NFT games have diverse opportunities to make money. And those may first come to mind when choosing. But, we can confidently tell you some less-known ply-to-earn games can fetch you more than you can ever think. Click here to read more about The Present Financial Benefits and Future of NFT Games.

You have to stress yourself, curious mind; we have already helped you compile a list of the best NFT gaming industry.

The Top 10 Highest-Paying NFT Games In 2022


1.         Big Time

Big time is undoubtedly the most lucrative NFT game at the moment. And it’s not looking like the highly-paying crypto game will drop anytime soon. So it is fun watching its ship updates, and they continue to top the chart as the top NFT game to play now.

The Top 10 Highest-Paying NFT Games In 2022

Big time offers many opportunities for gamers to win rewards and make money in multiples. That is because the worth of the in-game tokens is attractive, and the in-game assets in the NFT game are well rewarded on various crypto platforms.

That’s not all; the play-to-earn game is super easy to play. As a result, you can overcome the in-game obstacles and advance more levels with little effort. 

2.         Blankos Block Party

A big play-to-earn game is coming from Blankos, with many updates leading into season 1. If the season had been released already, they could have jumped Big Time. But, instead, as they gear up for their epic crypto games store launch, things look spicy!

The Mythical Games teams continued to impress and even launched another collaboration. Of course, every game enthusiast would love to see the ramp-up marketing to add additional game modes. However, they are leading on several NFT Games charts.

3.         Undead Blocks

No doubt, this NFT game will thrive for a long time. But, out of every other play-to-earn game on this list, Undead Block is arguably the most played. And that is not for any other reason except the opportunity to earn in-game tokens and digital assets it generously offers.

Only good things are coming from the Undead Blocks. Play-to-earn gamers in several developing countries have encouraging reviews to say about this play-to-earn game. Over the recent years, the zombie slayer FPS has been continually securing excellent partnerships and launching great tourneys.

The Top 10 Highest-Paying NFT Games In 2022

Little wonder, the game developers are recording hundreds of thousands of subscribers with reliable forecasts for more.

4.         Superior

Some may be surprised to see this NFT game on this spot, but the private alpha was incredible! It plays smoother than any NFT game. We expect superior to continue bringing great NFT games that players would love.

5.         EVIO

The arena shooter resembling Halo has continued to do well, with more contests happening. They have an excellent chance to lead the esports game charge. They drop a few spots due to impressive updates from competitors, but the NFT game still has a lot of potentials.

If Splitgate and Halo had an offspring that ran as a browser game, it would be EV.IO. Instead, it is pretty much playable for every player who likes to play games easily, regardless of their computer. The NFT game is free to play, and you can start playing within seconds of launching the website. 

6.         Dr. Disrespect’s DEADROP

Dr. Disrespect’s midnight studio is CRUSHING it with Midnight Society. DEAD DROP is a Vertical Extraction Shooter for a new age of competitive multiplayer. We see this NFT game leading the list very soon, but it seems this game has much room to grow!

 Dr. Disrespect's DEADROP

7.         Decentral Games Ice Poker

After the launch of Sit & Go tourneys and some beneficial partnership announcements, we see growth and product fit out of the team. In addition, I expect them to onboard many newcomers into Web3.

8.        Illuvium

Honestly, we can’t hold back excitement for this leading NFT game. Yes, they dropped on the list of the best GFT games this year, but it was due to new game releases from other developers. As Illuvium is about blast the NFT gaming community, we will see the game soaring higher on the charts.

9.         Axie Infinity

With a successful Axie Con in the community where thousands were awarded to winners, Axie Infinity now turns its attention to the land and competitive battling season. That comfortably rounds out the top ten.

10.      Sandbox Game

Still incredibly early and filled with potential. Right now, the game isn’t the most immersive experience, but the framework for a great game is there.

In this NFT game, players can join the game and access a free character (Hero) to participate in battles and eventually accumulate enough $THC to sell on the market and upgrade their surface.

In Conclusion

The list contains the best NFT games that can fetch many in-game rewards in 2022. However, the list may change very soon, with the new NFT games being released every week. In addition, play-to-earn games that dropped off the list for various reasons will have an opportunity to regain their place, but competition is increasing.  

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The Present Financial Benefits and Future of NFT Games

The Present Financial Benefits and Future of NFT Games

The traditional game development industry was slightly shocked when NFTs became a part of the gaming world. A few people could imagine that crypto tech and gaming could become a whole, so many gamers are still figuring this out by exploring the pros and cons of play-to-earn NFT games.

At the same time, leading game developers like Zynga and Square Enix consider some popular nft games as the gaming industry’s future. Many gamers are already getting the most out of this novation. So what is so unique in NFT games that multiple gamers and gaming companies see the future in this play-to-earn concept?

This article will shed light on the benefits of Play to earn NFT games for both game owners and players. Additionally, you will explore the analytics of the NFT games’ future and learn how a professional NFT game development company can support you in grasping this field. Now, let’s get this journey started!

How NFT Games Work

In case you need to refresh your knowledge about the peculiarities of NFT games, you can read a brief explanation of how this NFT game works. First, non-fungible tokens enter a play to earn a game in the form of art. You can read more about The Best 5 Most Promising NFT Games in 2023 by visiting

In other words, characters and in-game assets can be minted in NFTs, providing them an absolute worth, as they are becoming a kind of cryptocurrency. According to the concept’s name, play-to-earn, gamers can earn these in-game NFTs throughout an NFT game, purchase them, and resell them for a higher price.

How NFT Games Work

Another thing to note is that NFT games are developed with the blockchain. This crypto-based technology encrypts, stores, and protects all the data related to NFTs: transaction history, ownership rights, etc. In addition, since blockchain works as a decentralized database, gamers can withdraw earned in-game NFTs from a typical NFT game and sell them on an NFT marketplace.

What Are the Benefits of NFT Games?

While some gamers are looking for disadvantages of Play to earn NFT games, others want to earn money and expand their business opportunities thanks to their multiple benefits. 

Furthermore, no qualification in NFT expertise can be a barrier to success, as you can hire a professional NFT gaming platform development company to cover the development. So, let’s jump into the advantages of NFT games, which are valuable for both game owners and dedicated gamers.

Benefits of NFT games for Game owners

1.       Opportunity to draw venture capital

No entrepreneur can deny the benefits of external funding to keep the progress of an ongoing project. In the words of financial experts, it is among the most dependable ways to grow a business. For investors, external funding is a sure way to increase capital while maximizing profits.

In light of the preceding, NFT game developers and investors have much to gain in the .business. Furthermore, they can capitalize on the gradual and rapid growth of the blockchain industry to finance other projects at hand.

The NFT gaming industry is all ripe for Play to earn game developers and owners draw funds for business purposes.

2.       Less Competitive Market

The NFT gaming industry is distinctive and still uncrowded. Although play-to-earn games are becoming a trend in the blockchain industry, not everyone has heard about the opportunities to play NFT games.

Since play-to-earn games also operate on the win or loss principles, money invested in it is not guaranteed profit. With that mindset, many entrepreneurs are not ready to put their money on the line. As a result, the NFT gaming world is still welcoming new products.

Less Competitive Market

If you are a farsighted developer, you can take advantage of the NFT gaming market by creating top-notch Play-to-earn crypto games that attract millions of subscribers.

3.         Scalability

Traditional games aren’t new to people, so the market has already divided the products from popular game development companies and those who aren’t famous in the industry. Unfortunately, it’s harder for average gaming companies and small indie studios to draw a broad audience to their games.

However, top NFT games motivate gamers to look for new products that give them further opportunities to earn in-game tokens, win rewards and invest. Thus, play-to-earn NFT games have tremendous potential to increase transaction per-second rates and reach new business scales accordingly.

4.       New ways of income

In contrast to traditional gaming, the NFT-based system opens new opportunities to grow and create additional ways for earnings. First of all, many NFT games imply paid entrance for new gamers. Only you can find a free-to-play NFT game; you might not earn many in-game tokens as expected.

Also, NFT in-game assets have a significantly higher price than traditional in-game items, not to mention that you can sell NFTs to gamers inside and outside a play to earn a game. Finally, gamers who transfer their NFTs to an NFT marketplace or directly to a new owner should pay a transaction fee. Fre NFT games are also paying but not as much as you can make money with top NFT games.

Benefits of NFT games to players

1.       Immutability

Unlike traditional games where in-game rewards remain in the Play to earn a game, NFT play to earn games makes it real.

NFT games allow players to earn in-game tokens, gather in-game assets, and convert all that to real-life money. In addition, you can choose to resell your in-game items or breed some in-game characters with real-life monetary worth.

The best NFT games are decentralized, allowing players to own their NFT rewards initially. After that, you can buy, sell or trade your NFT in-game assets or even withdraw them to your NFT wallet to be listed in the NFT market.

2.       Earn money while playing games

Play-to-earn games enable game enthusiasts to money playing NFT games into a money-making hobby. But, of course, you will have to understand the crypto gaming technology to navigate the entire process.

What is the future of NFT games?

The NFT gaming industry is still not guaranteed. Since it’s a gaming community, NFTs are flying in the finance world now. But, there are no signs that the Play-to-earn model has come to stay.

At this boom stage, even NFT game developers are doubtful of the future of NFT games. While some financial experts claim that people are not likely to ignore the urge to play games and earn money. Yet, no one can determine the future of Play to earn games as it is not yet a popular activity after several people have made millions in the gaming community.

What is the future of NFT games?


According to these figures and the active development of the metaverse and NFT games, we can conclude that NFT gaming is the future most people aren’t ready for now. However, let’s not forget that the theories and ideas of transferring human social and business life to a virtual universe have been discussed for dozens of years. Moreover, you can use our metaverse game development services, and the future of your product will be in good hands.

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The Best 5 Most Promising NFT Games in 2023
NFT Games

The Best 5 Most Promising NFT Games in 2023

 Recently, what happened at Gala Games has become the hottest gist in the NFT gaming industry. There were several speculations regarding issues of exploitation that are happening with the introduction of NFT games into the video gaming world. 

Although nft game developers claimed that the play-to-earn concept was a system error and a white hack attack, it has brought into light an exciting topic that many people are curious to hear. 

Before we begin, it is essential to expose that NFT crypto games allow players to enjoy maximum entertainment and earn rewards in the form of in-game tokens that can be converted to real-life money. 

Let us briefly understand how NFT games work. Growing up, most of us played online or offline traditional video games. Those games include online games, arcade games, console games, or board games. Basically, NFT games are the same as those classic games. However, most NFT games attract people with the play-to-earn model.

Play-to-earn games allow you to play games to earn in-game NFTs. Not only that, your acquired in-game assets have great value in a recognized NFT marketplace. Play-to-earn NFT games have a fundamental difference. Most NFT crypto games allow you to earn money while chilling with an excellent video game. More so, NFT games combine the delightful flavor of the traditional gaming concept with the lucrativeness of blockchain technology.

So, when you play an NFT game, you can earn in-game tokens, spend or even mint them. NFT games also provide active players with full ownership of in-game assets. Without a shadow of a doubt, your digital assets and in-game rewards are permanently yours. You may keep or sell them as an NFT for fiat money. 

Indeed, the NFT gaming space promises a lot of financial breakthrough opportunities. People can make a fortune from playing a play-to-earn game without fearing losing money. Though Most Popular NFT games require players to make an initial investment before beginning to play, there are also free NFT games to play in the NFT marketplace. You can read more about the Top 10 Highest Paying NFT Games In 2022 by clicking here.

Best 5 NFT Games in 2023

1.       Tamadoge

You are genuinely a video game enthusiast if you know this play-to-earn game. Tamadoge remains our first choice on the list of best NFT games this year and for some years. 

TAMA is a play-to-earn game in which players breed virtual characters to compete and win crypto rewards. Tamadoge develops as gamers elongate their stay in the gaming environment; otherwise, the virtual beasts will become valueless. 


In this play-to-earn game, the virtual puppies you breed are NFTs, which you may sell or lend to other players. The value of your pet in the metaverse is your money. Although this NFT game is still upcoming, the community hype around it is incredible. Currently, an in-game token in TAMA is worth up to USD 0.031438. 

2.       Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity remains one NFT game that will always pop up in the list of best NFT games. The play-to-earn game sits firmly in second place, giving some game developers reasons to buckle up. 

Axie Infinity is a non-fungible token-based online crypto game known for the numerous in-game rewards it offers. Many game lovers describe Axie Infinity as the most lucrative play-to-earn game that allows you to breed, train, battle, win and trade your in-game tokens with other players. 

There are several Axes to pick from, and the options to modify are limitless. If you defeat a player in battle, you will get an in-game reward called Smooth Love Potion (SLP). This in-game NFT is well accepted in Asia, especially in Vietnam and the Philippines. 

 Axie Infinity

At the moment, an AXS is worth USD 9.915. That’s how much you can earn playing games for a living. Axis trading volume is about USD 140,033,196. Presently, they have around 96,412,541.56 AXS in circulation, about 37% of their total supply.

3.       Decentraland

So far, all of the Best NFT play-to-earn games are dominated by in-game property-themed games, and this crypto game is also included. MANA is among the virtual worlds in the blockchain industry. The Ethereum blockchain technology powers the NFT game, and players can create and monetize content. 

Decentraland allows players to purchase and sell virtual real estate properties while socializing, exploring, and playing games in this virtual realm. In addition, you can pay other users to take care of your in-game property when you are not in the gaming community. The platform has grown to include interactive apps, in-game assets, real-world payments, and peer-to-peer conversation for players.


MAMA is among the top NFT games that make it easy for players to buy in-game assets and trade as if it is real life. 

4.       The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a 3D metaverse play-and-earn NFT game that blends decentralized finance (Defi), blockchain technology, and NFTs. Holders in this virtual environment may use free design tools to create games and modify digital materials. Furthermore, you can create your avatars and enter 

The Sandbox game is a virtual world that allows users to express their ideas. Users may create virtual products, Avatars, and games with Game Maker and VoxEdit. In addition to connecting with other users via virtual products, gamers may monetize their NFTs by trading in the Sandbox marketplace.

The Sandbox

Currently, a single SAND token is worth USD 0.8453 at the time of writing, a far cry from their ATH of USD 0.98504. Their trading volume is roughly USD 291,803,829 in 24 hours. 

5.       Lost Worlds

Lost Worlds is a first-of-its-kind NFT game linked to real-life sites. They enable players to gather and mint real-life places on NFT, establishing a new conquest on the platform. So if you’ve ever wanted to see the world through your eyes, now’s your opportunity.

Lost Worlds integrates NFTs into the real world. The platform lets artists use geo-location to connect the physical and digital worlds. That introduces a new layer of utility and scarcity into evaluating and valuing people’s interactions with NFTs.


The above-listed NFT games have huge projections and will bring you much joy in the coming months. But there are still many amazing NFT games in the market waiting for players to explore. As long as demand is high, people will continually innovate, creating excellent platforms for users to enjoy themselves. 

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